Project Objectives


PO1 will develop social entrepreneurship approaches and quality training for adult learners

 PO2 will improve social entrepreneurial competencies between partners, staff, educators and social entrepreneurs

 PO3 will establish an online network for adult educators, trainers/mentors to share eLearning resources, experience and best practices

PO4 will create a transnational network of adult learning centres to strengthen co-operation and networking for organisations promoting social entrepreneurship and supporting adult learners

Wolfenbuttle Town 

The Partnership held the inaugural meeting of the Digi-Lance4SE Project in Wolfenbuttle in January 2022.

Despite the ongoing challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, all partner organisations were represented at the venue in the Ostfalia University, for two days intensive training and development activity.

The Partnership explored the opportunities the new project was offering to staff, educators and adult learners and how it would help to advance the concept of social entrepreneurship across the EU. The partnership will deliver three ‘Project Results’ outputs, including a trainers toolkit, eLearning, innovation booklet and networking for adult educators.

Zoom Meeting

As well as our meeting in Germany, the partnership has met online to ensure the project runs smoothly and all activities for project results are planned and completed.

The most recent meeting was a catch up from our  face to face meeting and discuss the evaluation results.

All partners returned positive evaluations and looking forward to more successful zoom and face to face meetings.

Project on a page

The main project objective is developing social entrepreneurial approaches based on digital solutions, a practical training programme for adult learners and interactive training resources to improve competencies of adult learners,

by involving partners coming from an academic field, private and civil society representing Western, Central, Eastern European Countries. The second project meeting will take place in Suceava, Romania in June 2022.

Our Next Transnational Meeting

Our Next Meeting will be held in the beautiful Suceava Romania.

This meeting will see us spending a lot of time on our next lot of activities in regards to the start of our innovation book.

This is the main Result of the project and will help prospective entrepreneurs develop their skills allowing them to run their own Social Economy business.

Face to Face meetings allow the partners to share best practices from their country. 

Ostfalia counts among the biggest universities of applied sciences in Lower Saxony. Ostfalia promotes and supports an important variety of international activities.

The Entrepreneurship Hub supports students, alumni and scientific employees of Ostfalia, TU Brauschweig and HBK Braunschweig who are interested in starting up a business.

Ostfalia has an outstanding expertise due to seven focus research areas and takes part in many international research and other projects. It cooperates with both companies and the public sector. The projects develop new, broad-based solutions for regional and national needs. Ostfalia is a member of FHnet, a network bringing together all the 23 universities of applied sciences that participate in the EU-Strategie-FH programme.

Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences

Braunschweig/Wolfenbüttel Germany



Società Cooperativa Sociale Impresa Sociale



DUEMILAUNO AGENZIA SOCIALE is a Social Cooperative for multiple purposes type A + B, Non-Profit Organization, which, through its staff of around 800 workers, offers social, education, and rehabilitation services in favour of citizens, public and private entities.

The Cooperative has the aim of pursuing the general interests of the community to human promotion and social integration of people with vulnerabilities, protecting and enhancing the rights and interests of citizens.

The particular activities concern social and educational services, social rehabilitation, social welfare and health care in schools, territory, home, in day and residential structures and communities, on behalf of children, minors in situations of distress and not accompanied, migrants, persons with disabilities or experiencing mental distress and addiction problems

ACDC Romania is a professional association and training provider established in 2011

The mission of the association is to promote community development through consulting activities in the field of key domains for sustainable development. ACDC Romania has developed programs where the main target groups are represented by: poor people, Roma, victims of domestic violence, women, people with mental disabilities and people isolated geographically.

Relevant activities of the association are:

– implementing projects in the area of community development and social inclusion

– developing specific training programs for social inclusion of persons belonging to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, Roma, immigrants, persons at high social risk, people with disabilities

– sustain and develop e-learning activities by developing e- learning training modules to train community facilitators

– develop training programs for e-inclusion to increase digital skills of vulnerable groups

– cross border cooperation

Asociatia Consultantilor in Dezvoltare Comunitara ACDC






KOISPE “Diadromes” (transl. Routes) was founded in 2006 and belongs to Attica’s 10th Psychiatric Sector in the center of Athens, Greece.

The idea for the creation of the KOISPE “Diadromes” comes from the non-profit, non –governmental Scientific Organisation called the Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos.

KOISPE “Diadromes” is one out of the 30 Social Cooperatives that are operating nowadays on a Panhellenic level.

The activities of KOISPE “Diadromes” have the following aim:

✓ To ensure the viability of the enterprise and the continuous creation of new employment positions;

✓ To be active in the local open market

✓ To maintain a balance between the entrepreneurial strategy and the social aims;

✓ To fight and eliminate the social stigma.

✓ To establish cooperation with the family and the therapeutic framework and provide counselling support to the members.

✓ European Projects  

UPI – ljudska univerza Žalec


Fields of activities:

Formal educational programmes (primary school for adults and secondary vocational programmes for adult).

Non-formal educational programmes (language centre UPI, computer courses, general literacy programmes, integration programmes for migrants, training and national vocational qualifications, courses and workshops, entrepreneurial workshops, study circles).

Guidance and supporting activities (Guidance and information Centre Žalec, Career Guidance Point Žalec, Centre of Self- directed Learning, Knowledge Exchange, Lifelong Learning Week, Sustainable Development Education Week, Learning Support to adults).

Local projects ,National projects ,ESF projects, Erasmus+

Gifted Ireland


At Gifted Ireland we believe in breaking down barriers to empower individuals and organisations to achieve more than they ever thought was possible Our team are encouraged to come up with innovative ideas which expand thinking and contribute to our ambition of offering learner focused training throughout Ireland. Innovation paired with optimism and growth are key and from sharing our knowledge across teams we have developed a diverse and varied menu of both virtual and blended learning solution. 

By providing an enjoyable, stress free environments with space to learn, individuals are able to learn at their own pace. With this in mind each course will have a bespoke delivery method which has been carefully chosen to ensure both a quality learning and assessment experience. These delivery methods are; Scheduled Virtual Course, Flexible Virtual Course, Blended Course and Face-to-Face delivery. For more information on what each delivery method involves, visit our delivery methods information

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