The mission of the association is to promote community development through consulting activities in the field of key domains for sustainable development.

Since its inception, ACDC Romania was involved in international partnerships promoting the concept of social inclusion. Increasing attention has been paid, in recent years, to e-inclusion policies at European level, as the main prerequisite for development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employability. 

ACDC’s current activities are focused on consulting services offering solutions for social. Inclusion of vulnerable members of the community that are situated in disadvantaged rural areas, considered amongst the poorest regions in EU. ACDC Romania has developed

programs where the main target groups are represented by: poor people, Roma, victims of domestic violence, women, people with mental disabilities and people isolated geographically.

Relevant activities of the association are:


  • Implementing projects in the area of community development and social inclusion
  • Developing specific training programs for social inclusion of persons belonging to vulnerable and disadvantaged groups, Roma, immigrants, persons at high social risk, people with disabilities
  • Sustain and develop e-learning activities by developing e- learning training modules to train community facilitators
  • Develop training programs for e-inclusion to increase digital skills of vulnerable groups
  • Cross border cooperation
ACDC has developed a network of partners within the field of social and professional insertion, schools, libraries including e-centres ruled by municipalities in rural areas providing social inclusion training and consulting services.

 Due to the increased unemployment rate, ACDC Romania has started to facilitate the start-up and operation of social enterprises in order to create jobs for individuals from disadvantaged groups that offer real, paid, sustainable, employment options within a supportive working environment.

ACDC Romania develops new projects initiatives to:


  • Promote innovative approach and practical solutions to combat unemployment of young people and facilitate their insertion on the labour market
  • Arise awareness regarding NEETs education and employment needs
  • Influence attitude of local authorities
  • Transfer knowledge and relevant information to NEETs, educators and stakeholders to change behaviour of communities
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