To ensure the viability of the enterprise and the continuous creation of new employment positions; 

  • To be active in the local open market 
  • To maintain a balance between the entrepreneurial strategy and the social aims; 
  • To fight and eliminate the social stigma.  
  • To establish cooperation with the family and the therapeutic framework and provide counseling 
  • support to the members. 
  • European Projects 

List of the main activities 

  • Τhe Cleaning Services with the brand name “Misi Arhontia”  
  • The Cleaning Services Group “Misi Arhontia” was founded without any funding in order to initiate its  
  • operation.  
  • Participation in Local Public Markets. 
  • From 2019 we have monthly participation in two Public Markets, where we sell local products (dry biscuits,  
  • olives). 
  • Implementation of transnational projects 

The last 3 years we implemented 2 European projects. 

Initial members of KOISPE “Diadromes’’ 

  • The Society of Social Psychiatry P. Sakellaropoulos

  • The Social Firm “Pixida”, the Institute for the Mental Health of Children and Adults,

  • The Mental Health NGOs “Anodos”,


  • Xenios Zeus 

Special mention should be made of the support of the Society of Social Psychiatry P.  

Sakellaropoulos, as it has offered material and technical assistance to the Cooperative,  

as well as has helped sustain and uphold the vision and the faith in innovative practices.

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